and make sun protecte(햇빛차단테잎)cooling (5set)

and make sun protecte(햇빛차단테잎)cooling (5set)



Product characteristics

The product blocks UV-A 92.6%, UV-B 95.2% to prevent stains and freckles.

Tape of Protecting Ultraviolet rays”

It protects skin from ultraviolet rays during outdoor sports (Golf, Marath on, bicycle, etc) activities.

Product information

Brand: ‘&make’
Product name :
Tape of Protecting Ultraviolet rays

Fabric material : 100 % cottonFabric color : Skin apricot
Size : 8*10cm

how to use

1. Use your make-up on the skin
2. Apply lightly to the desired position centering

on the eyes and cheek.
3. Two way as your preference
4. Cut off gently when you want to stop using it.

More natural in the field.

It's better if you use Sun-block

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