Anti-Age Revitalizing Cream

Anti-Age Revitalizing Cream

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24-hour cream for dry skin

Revitalizing and smoothing 24-hour anti-age care for dry skin (50ml)

Description of DR. GRANDEL Anti-Age Revitalizing Cream:

DR. GRANDEL Anti-Age Revitalizing Cream is an innovative anti-aging revitalizing cream based on plant extracts. It stimulates the skin to an appearance of added firmness and youthfulness, improves its elasticity and gives the complexion a velvety touch.


Beech Bud Extract, Oat Extract, Ceramides, Squalane

Tip: Due to its slightly richer texture, Anti-Age Revitalizing Cream is also an ideal care for the colder months. Anti-Age Balancing Cream can be offered as lighter skin care for the summer months.

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