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antibacterial spray , sanitizer spay (항균스프레이)2ea

antibacterial spray , sanitizer spay (항균스프레이)2ea



global emergency COVID-19 virus  99.9%block and  kill bacteria world's first antimicrobial mineral coating (Award)17 hours coating continued(Virus block)Spray often, mask,clothes,shoes,cell phone, etcright now masks are hard to get and over price, use this spray can available several times.It can spray on your hands instead of sanitizer, it will coating with 17hrs.air purification test result .hydrogen subside-VSC(99%above)formaldehyde-VOCs(95%above)meat, fish smell-trimethylamine gas(99%above)foot smell-isovaleric acid gas(99%above)urine smell-ammonia gas(99%above)cigarette smell-pyridine gas(97%above)old-person smell-nonenal gas(96% above)sweet smell-Acetic acid gas (96%above )1.Eco odor removal 90%3.SGS passed toxicity(safe ingredients) for kids antibacterial spray ,

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