Beautypot is a professional portable body care system that incorporates 4 different technologies(Radiofrequency, Cavitation, Low level laser, and LED) all into a single handpiece. Synergic effect of combining these technology will yield much enhanced body slimming result.





Utilizes 0.8MHz radiofrequency to continuously generate between 40~50℃ heat within the tissue to achieve therapeutic effect for reducing edema, pain relief, and to effectively manage body curve.

Low Level Laser

Low Level Laser

Low level laser at 650nm wavelength will breakdown stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. The fatty acids and glycerol will then be used by body’s natural metabolic system to create energy for tissues that needs them. This will ultimately.



A . Multipolar RF

B . Low level laser

C . Ultrasound


E . On/Off button
You can turn on and off all the functions with the on/off button on the hand pieces. You can operate the device only with the function you want.

F . Touch Panel, Easy and simple UI
The touch screen panel prevents any contamination on the outside of the device body. Easy and simple UI for user convenience.

G . Compact and simple body design
300*310*159 mm size compact body design is not taking up much space and gives aesthetic look.

Clinical Images


Type RF, Cavitation, Low Level Laser, LED
RF 0.8MHz
Cavitation 34KHz
LLL 650nm
LED Blue(415nm) & Red (620nm)
Input Power 150VA
Dimension (WxDxH mm) 300 x 310 x 170
Weight 3.5 Kg


Q. How long does it take?

A. It depends on the target area. Treatment of the abdominal area takes average 20 minutes according to the protocol of treatment. Treatment of the arms and legs can take 10~15 minutes. Facial areas should be treated within 10 minutes.

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