Celderma Double Layering Mask Star Gold - 3EA (Copy)

Celderma Double Layering Mask Star Gold - 3EA (Copy)




  • Ergonomic design
    Gives comfortable fit
    Ear shape included
    Gives snappy chin style
  • 9 Features Test completed by Human Body
    Improvement of double fat layer (jaw)
    Lifts the lower jaw
    Makes beautiful smiling face (lifts oral angle naturally)
    Lifts droopy checks
    Skin irritation test Completed
    Gives 24 hour moisture face
    Decrease skin temperature
    Improves skin resilience


– Who needs to lift up skin elasticity around the chin and cheek area.

– Who wants to have non-sticky fresh mask with huge moisture improvement.

– Who also wants to put the skin care mask while you are working out at gym.



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