Ceramide Depot

Ceramide Depot



Regenerating serum mask

Repairing and regenerating serum mask with instant and time release effect (75ml)

Description of PHYRIS Ceramide Depot:

In the long term, the soft, regenerative PHYRIS Ceramide Depot serum mask prevents premature skin aging and instantly improves the complexion. It regenerates the skin___s own barrier in a flash. Ceramides and soybean extract prevent moisture loss, the skin___s lipid barrier is stabilized and the epidermis is strengthened. A liposomally encapsulated Vitamin B complex acts as a radical trap and protects the skin against negative environmental influences. Soothing and harmonising ist an additonal benefit for the skin and guaranteed by the oil for Evening Prime Rose.


Vitamin B Complex, Ceramides, Evening prime rose

Tip: During the wet and cold season, if the skin is particularly lacking softness and balance, it is recommended to use PHYRIS Ceramide Repair daily over the course of four weeks and also to use PHYRIS Ceramide Depot three times a week.

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