Ceramide Repair

Ceramide Repair



Regenerating serum with ceramides

Regenerating intensive care for dry and rough skin with instant and time release effect (30ml)

Descritpion of PHYRIS Ceramide Repair:

The balming Ceramide Repair serum quickly repairs the skins own barrier and ensures an improved skin feeling. Ceramides and soya extract prevent loss of moisture, the lipid barrier of the skin becomes stabilized and the epidermis is strengthened. A liposomally encapsulated Vitamin B complex acts as a free radical scavenger and thereby prevents premature skin aging and environmentally related stress. The lipid film of the skin is sustainably regenerated.

PACKAGING: Pipette bottle

Vitamin-B-Complex, Ceramides, Soybean Extract

Tip: Ideal additional care in the winter months for dry, rough skin, resulting in a complexion that is protected, regenerated and silky soft.

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