CIESKIN MTS TONING STAMP, Cosmetic Ampoule Injector

CIESKIN MTS TONING STAMP, Cosmetic Ampoule Injector



“The Most Advanced Aesthetic Peptide Technology & Know-How over 16 Years”
“Proven by Medical & Aesthetic Skincare Professionals”

Main Benefits:

  • Higher & Faster Absorption of ample
  • Erase Wrinkles
  • Restore Elasticity
  • No Pain! No Anesthesia!
  • Easy to Use.

What is CIESKIN MTS Toning Stamp?

“The Most Advanced Aesthetic Peptide Technology & Know-How over 16 Years”
  • Higher Absorptivity of Ample
  • Brightening Skin
  • Erasing Wrinkles quickly
  • Raising Elasticity

    CIE SKIN Toning Stamp utilize the body self-healing mechanisms to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin.

    The intrusion of tiny surgical needles is sensed by the skin nerve receptors as an injury stimulus. Skin cells then release growth signals to undifferentiated cells in return stimulate the proliferation of new cells.

    The new fiber formation forms a new collagen layer, thickens the skin and fills former atrophic scars.

    • Anti-Wrinkle
    • Stretch mark Removal / Treatment
    • Scar Removal – including acne scar removal / Treatment
    • Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Restoration
    • Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal
    • Hyper Pigmentation Treatment
    “Proven by Medical & Aesthetic Skincare Professionals”

As a weak point, cosmetic product has difficulty to penetrate into epiderm, and needs some time to work in your skin cell.

CIESKIN MTS toning stamp overcomes this difficulty through Peptide solution and tools.

If you apply ample and use this stamp, it acts without delay.

CIESKIN has 5 benefits on your skin, which are MTS toning function, such as prompt action on wrinkles, fast ample-absorption, fast generating collagen & elastin, bioelectric current, and other 4 benefits.

Can Anyone use CIESKIN without difficulty or professional help?

Anyone can use CIESKIN MTS Toning Stamp by simple tip replacement. It facilitates ample absorption when you apply ample on mask pack and touches with CIESKIN MTS Toning Stamp.

What Ampoule do I use with CIESKIN Stamp?

You can use the most ampoules(ampules) you want. It is also better to use Panda’s Essential Ampoules (Vita C Pro, S.S.B Pro, Propolis Pro, and Collagen)  After apply your ampoule, use CIESKIN stamp on it.

This stamp help your ampoule penetrate quickly into your skin.

Product Components

  • MTS Toning Stamp Body
  • Stamp Tip with micro needles (Possible to buy separately)

CAUTION before Use:

  • DO NOT USE if you have metal allergies
  • DO NOT USE if you have skin troubles
  • DO NOT USE for children or pregnant women
  • We recommend you to use inducing tip after disinfection with alcohol before & after using for cleanness.
  • The tip is a disposable product packed after sterilization. (DO NOT RE-USE the tip)

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