Collagran Ampoule

Collagran Ampoule



Smoothing, stimulating, moisturizing ampoule

Intensive care concentrate as collagen equivalent for demanding skin (3 x 3 ml)

Description of DR. GRANDEL Collagran Ampoule:

This is a complex of active ingredients with properties similar to those of collagen for the intensive care of demanding skin. Containing a Carrot Extract and Biopeptides, DR. GRANDEL Collagran Ampoule offers an alternative to animal-source collagen smoothing the skin and having a benevolent effect on wrinkle depth. Additionally, it moisturizes and stimulates the skin.

PACKAGING: Folding box/Ampoules

Carrot Extract, Biopeptides

Tip: In order not to loose your beauty ampoules in the bathroom, with the DR. GRANDEL Ampoules-Mini-Bar we have a practical and decorative helper for you.

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