Cryo plus

Cryo plus



Cryoplus able to give both Cooling & Heating effects to the skin. Through this device, able to calming the treated area by cooling function, and after Cooling, can use heating function to help faster recovery.


Cryo pro applicator(cooling & heating)

Cryo plus applicator(cooling & heating)

By the temperature sensor on the cryo handpiece ,can maintain certain proper degree, The lowest temperature will be -4 ℃. Also through heating function, the highest degree of thermal energy can be up to 40 ℃.



A . User-friendly UI
Only by simple operation, all of the mode, level, and time control are available.

B . Cooling & Heating Dual applicator
Through one handpiece, both cooling and heating functions are available by controling the mode of treatment on the control panel.


Cooling Temperature Max. -4℃
Heating Temperature Max. 40℃
Dimension (WxDxH mm) 461 x 368 x 206(main body)
Weight 6.6 Kg


Q. Is the treatment painful?

A. It is designed to cool off the treated area on the face after the treatment. It soothes the treated area, relieves pain, and minimizes erythema.

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