Deoproce LAP Therapy 2 step mask pack Horse Oil Whitening and Nutrition


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Product Details

  • Vital energy of horse oil nutrition: It balances oil and water of dry and sensitive skin, and cares with healthy and vital skin.
  • Ampoules & Mask Packs Dual Care: Fill the nourishment with ampoules and finish with the moisture from the mask pack. Maintain moist skin all day long.
  • Whitening that reveals dull skin: Whitening function makes dark skin look radiant and transparent.
  • Horse oil: Helps skin health, moisturizing, whitening, and wrinkle improvement. / Morus Alba Bark Extract: It is involved in the management of pigmentation such as spots and freckles, helping to keep skin tone clear and bright. / Panthenol: Relieves tired skin with regard to skin hydration.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES- Unlike other mask packs, it is a no-opaque product that does not contain parabens, triethanol, phenoxyethanol, and the like.

How to use

Apply appropriate amount onto your face and neck evenly along the skin texture and pat lightly to absorb.

Maskpack Skin Care

Lap therapy maskpack which makes your tired skin more zingy and healthy by the synergy effect of ampoule containing hempseed oil, snail, stormy petrel's nest and placenta as Step 1 and maskpack as Step 2.

These high quality masks make your after sunshine tired, sensitive and rough skin refreshed and give more elastic and radiant with color synergy effect.

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