E Cool-Cryo Therapy Bodycare system

E Cool-Cryo Therapy Bodycare system





1. Cooling & Heating

-10℃ of strong cooling function makes smoothing skin surface after MTS laser-treatment and
accordingly it reduces downtime and PIH risk. With the heating function[ up to +40℃ ],
you can make normal skin care such as wrinkle and brightening treatment.

2. Electroporation

Electric pulse of E-Cool delivers more than 40,000 daltons of solution to the cell membrane by
making temporary micro hole into phosphatides of cells.
Electroporation is the transitory structural perturbation of lipid bilayer membranes due to the
application of high voltage pulse.
Its application to the skin has been shown an increase of transdermal drug delivery.

3. 3rd version cooling system with more powerful cooling

This upgraded Cryo function has strong cooling ability with gorgeous features and mini size.
As it is a multi-functional appliance, you can use the machine for various purposes with Heating,
Cooling and Electroporation in sequence.




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