FoxC Peel

FoxC Peel



FoxC Peel, Fruit acid PEEL & Oxygen therapy + vitamin C PROGRAM

This is brand new and innovative peeling for 3 type of skin like Acen, Pigments and Aging.

Light superficial peeling no more side effect. Contains highly effective and active ingredients on acne skin. Controls stable PH balance and Powerful soothing effect and water binding capacity

2 type peeling(Acless & Melaless) with Vitamin care (Bubble C Snow + Oxygen booster) & Ageless peeling, Light Superficial Peeling based on antioxidant. Increases collagen and level of hyaluronic acid




FoxC Peel Advantage

• Suitable for all skin types

• Safe and simple protocol 10~15min

• No social downtime

• Little to no desquamation

• Customized up to 3 major skin troubles

• Synergy : Combination treatment


• Interval Rotation treatment

• Combination with other medical procedures

• Individual use is possible

• Increases collagen and level of hyaluronic acid

• Regenerates new and youthful cell


• Acne

• Pigments

• Wrinkles


• Treat by expert

• Removing & Cleansing

• Peeling by skin type (apply with peel brush)

• Bubbling with bubble C snow & oxygen booster (case of aceless & melaless peel)

• Removing (case of aceless & melaless peel)

• Cooling & Soothing & hydrating & Protecting


Active Ingredients

• Rosemary + Cranberry + Mangosteen

• Tranexamic acid

• V-Peptide

• Cooper peptide

• Black berry

• Crataegus Oxyacantha Fruit Extract

• Squalene

• Citric, Glycolic, Malic, Ascorbic acid

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