Gentle Foam Cleanser

Gentle Foam Cleanser

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for a skin-deep pure and soft skin feeling

Gentle cleansing foam for sensitive skin (200 ml)

Description of DR. GRANDEL Gentle Foam Cleanser:

For customers who complain about extremely sensitive skin and have the impression that their skin is additionally irritated and dehydrated when they use conventional cleansing products. They therefore attach the utmost importance to a particularly gentle and non-irritating product that will provide for a skin-deep pure, soft skin feeling.

___ Mild and thorough cleansing that is gentle on the skin due to mild apple tensides
___ Protects the skin___s barrier function and retains the natural
___ balance
___ Tamarind extract leaves a well-hydrated, relaxed, and soothed skin feeling

mild apple tensides and tamarind extract

Tip: With this very mild cleansing product, water-soluble eye make-up can be easily and pleasantly removed (cotton pad).

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