Golden Balm

Golden Balm



Gentle eye balm

Silky light eye balm for maximum moisture with a special hyaluron deposit (15ml)

Description of PHYRIS Golden Balm:
The silky light cream formulation of PHYRIS Golden Balm with microfine Gold gives the eye area a fresh shimmer and provides a convincing anti-stress effect. PHYRIS Golden Balm quickly provides maximum moisture with a special hyaluron deposit and maintains this effect for several hours. The gentle eye balm reduces dryness wrinkles, thus the skin appears fresh and well cared for.

PHYRIS Golden Balm is scent, paraben and preservative free and therefore also suitable for especially sensitive skin.

PACKAGING: Dispenser
Gold, Lavender Extract, Depot Hyaluronic Acid, Peptide Complex
Tip: Ideal product for an active customer who attaches as much importance to a practical treatment as to noticeable results.

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