our skin is prone to water loss due to various factors, which is very likely to lead to problematic skin ans artificial aging.therefore ,the most basic and fundamental care in pathetic and home care is moisture care. HYALPLANT is a moisture protein kit that makes the skin in an optimal condition for recognizing moisture, and store themoistuure tank in the skinny capturing the active ingredient and moisture factors in the ampoule 

the aquaporin technique applied toHYALPLANT prevents skin dryness through the moisture factors stored in the moisture tank,ans spread moisture to dry skin, therefore helping to maintain long-lasting hydration

in addition, since the penetration rate of active ingredient is higher than that go general cosmetics ,it maximize skin regeneration ,and is the most effective care for preventing all the troublesome skin caused by skin dryness


package component

step 1 -B5 gel /H2O booster..5ml (1ea)

step 2-M3finish ampoule/hydrantpatch..5ml (1ea)

step3 -hy balsam cream /finish cream 20ml 1(ea)

*mesolant (active ingredient penetration inducer)0.25mm 1(ea)using with step2

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