Hyaluron Filler Caps 28 Capsules

Hyaluron Filler Caps 28 Capsules



Active concentrate capsules

Moisturizing capsules with ‘wrinkle-filling effect’

Description of DR. GRANDEL Hyaluron Filler Caps:

DR. GRANDEL Hyaluron Filler Caps are intensive care capsules with pure hyaluronic acid that immediately and visibly smooth the skin and at the same time very quickly and effecitvely provide the skin with deep hydration. Even pronounced wrinkles of dry skin are plumped from within and visibly reduced. The skin regains its fresh and firm look in only few minutes.

INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHTS: Algae Sea Water Complex, Filler Hyaluronic Acid

Tip: The convenient dosage form of these highly effective hyaluron capsules enables individual application of care product. Depending on desired effect and requirement, the Hyaluron Filler Caps can be spontaneously used as an intensive extra care, as a course of treatment or on a daily basis.

Attention! Do not eat or swallow. Avoide eyes areas. Keep out of reach of children.

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