Hyaluron Super Moist

Hyaluron Super Moist



Moisturizing serum with hyaluron

Moisturizing serum with instant and time release effect for a smooth, plump complexion (30ml)

Description of PHYRIS Hyaluron Super Moist:

The light, non-greasy moisture serum immediately pads dryness related lines and wrinkles through filler hyaluron and ensures noticeable relaxation. Depot hyaluron ensures a long-term effect and provides moisture slowly over several hours. Hyaluron Super Moist lays itself refreshingly gently over the skin.

PACKAGING: Pipette bottle

Depot Hyaluronic Acid, Filler Hyaluronic Acid

Tip: Particularly beneficial in the summer months when the skin is thirsty and grateful for every extra moisture infusion.

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