Intensive Moisturising Active Synergy

Intensive Moisturising Active Synergy



Moisturising serum

Applied before your regular day cream, this complete action face and neck cream intensely nourishes . Skin regains the healthy feel and softness of normal skin.

It is revitalised and its natural radiance is restored.


Skin types : All dehydrated skin types

Instructions for use : As part of a programme or daily.
Morning and/or night before your face cream. Take the product in the palm of your hand and apply with light dabs.

Contents : 30 ml

Active ingredients

Fucus extract:  moisturising* and remineralising

Moist 24: long-lasting moisturising

Algisium C: moisturising*, anti-ageing

Blueberry extract: revitalising, toning

Ginkgo biloba extract: reshaping, veinotonic, anti-free radical


*Hydration of the upper layers of the skin


Moisturised*, nourished, supple, comfortable skin. Fresh, radiant complexion.


Fucus, a real marine treasure, is a brown algaeparticularly rich in mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins and fibres. Combined with the toning qualities of ginkgoand blueberry, it moisturises* and remineralises your skin.

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