[LABIOTTE] Dr.Code-Derm Capsule Sheet Mask - Anti-Trouble

[LABIOTTE] Dr.Code-Derm Capsule Sheet Mask - Anti-Trouble



Brand Story
LABIOTTE means cosmetics made with natural ingredients ideal for the skin and researched by state-of-the-art dermatological technology for the beauty of women.
LABIOTTE develops safe and trustworthy products for consumers and includes botanical ingredients’ active energy through its own dermatological technology to provide ideal skin science that you haven’t experienced from any existing naturalism brands.
#Anti-Trouble : Celtic water, Inflax included, Skin clean, Sebum control

How to Use
After washing, wipe off skin with a toner, pull out the mask sheet and unfold it.
Attach tightly onto face by adjusting eyes and nose area.
Remove it after 15~20 minutes, and gently tap the remaining essence for absorption.

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