Lap Therapy Swallow's Net Aqua Ampoule Mask Pack

Lap Therapy Swallow's Net Aqua Ampoule Mask Pack



Treat skin to some serious TLC with this sheet mask from Korean brand Deoproce. This special mask features a comforting combination of aloe vera extract and sea bird’s nest, soaking skin with a vitamin- and protein-rich essence to moisturize and revive dry, dehydrated skin.

The mask smoothes wrinkles, provides a lifting effect, smooths the tone and relief of the skin, imparts an unusual tenderness and velvety.


How to use

1. Carry out the cleaning procedure. Then open the bag with the serum and apply it to the face. Spread evenly and let it soak.
2. Remove the tissue mask, unfold and place on the face in accordance with the slits. Leave for 20 minutes, then remove, and the remainder of the serum rub into the skin.
Bird's nest extract. This component is made from the nests of the Swifts-Salangans living near the South China Sea. Birds make their homes from algae, eggs and other inhabitants of the sea. This makes the component a storehouse of medicinal substances. It activates metabolism, exfoliates dead cells and renews the skin.
Extract of leaves of aloe. Aloe has a pronounced healing properties. It removes inflammation and irritation, eliminates edema, restores tired skin and improves its general condition.
Betaine. This component prevents evaporation of moisture, normalizing the hydrobalance and protecting the skin from dryness. It has a soothing effect, relieves irritation and reduces the manifestation of pathogenic processes.
Allantoin. This active component removes pollution from cells, stimulates metabolism, renews the epidermis and improves the general condition of the skin.
Panthenol. This restoring component softens and nourishes the skin, accelerates the healing of tissues and reduces the manifestation of pain symptoms. It smooths the epidermis, strengthens the oval face, restores smoothness, elasticity and elasticity.
Volume: 5х25gr

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