Lifting Active Synergy

Lifting Active Synergy



Lifting, smoothing serum

Applied before your regular day cream, this complete face and neck cream effectively smooths and tones the skin. Day after day, it is firmer and tighter as if lifted.


Skin types : All skin types

Instructions for use : As part of a programme or daily. Morning and/or night before your face cream. Take the product in the palm of your hand, and apply with light dabs.

Contents :  30ml

Active ingredients



Plant firming ingredient: immediate tightening and smoothing effect

Fucus extract: moisturising and remineralising

Centella asiatica extract: moisturising, reshaping, regenerating and healing

Hyaluronic acid: moisturising and intensive replenishing

Birch extract: anti-oxidant, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory

*Hydration of the upper layers of the skin


The skin is full of energy, regenerated, smoothed and gently lifted.

Ingredients Plus

A cocktail of marine active ingredients combining fucus and macrocystis for a cream with lifting, firming and filling properties.

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