Max HydraPlus Cream

Max HydraPlus Cream



Max HydraPlus+ Cream

Max HydraPlus+ Cream, Ultra-hydrating daily cream

A smooth moisturizer that helps fortify sensitive skin with a damaged barrier. It reinforces the skin’s lipid barrier and protects it from environmental and internal triggers that cause skin stress. Working below the surface of the skin, it prevents inflammatory triggers, and minimizes skin discomforts such as burning and itching.


• Ultra-hydrating daily cream, preventing water loss.

• Rich mositurizingcream

• Effective for soothing.



• All skin types

• Atopic Dermatitis



• Absorb enough amount of cream on skin at the end of moisturizing care.


Active ingredients

• Glycerine

• Triglyceride

• Ceramide

• Phytosphingosine


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