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Missthefill Tomato edible whitening supplement

Missthefill Tomato edible whitening supplement





  • Suppresses melanin synthesis of whole body skin and inhibits pigmentation.
  • Reduces of melanin in acne scars, freckles, axillary and black spot.
  • Protects skin from UV damage and sunburn as a natural sunscreen.
  • Works as antioxidants to Prevent Skin Damage by Environmental Pollutants.
  • Acts anti-inflammatory against various skin wounds.
  • Protects and enhances the efficacy and function of other active ingredients.
  • Restores skin tone and shine.
  • Prevents DNA damage.

MISSTHEFILL TOMATO® is the first edible whitening supplement, SAFE vitamin.

MISSTHEFILL TOMATO® is a natural ingredient that is safe and suitable for everyone including pregnant women. MISSTHEFILL TOMATO® is like eating fresh tomatoes equal to three fresh tomatoes per capsule, highly concentrated carotenoids.
(Except who are allergic to tomatoes or who are advised by doctors not to consume tomatoes)

MISSTHEFILL TOAMTO® can be taken regularly once a day,at any time of day to suit your individual lifestyle. MISSTHEFILL TOMATO® is a natural food and can be consumed life-long.


    +Missthefill Tomato® is the result of the latest moderm bio-science, nurtured from white tomato varieties that is not genetically modified. This carotenoid extracted from +Missthefill Tomato® has excellent efficacy that will turn your skin white and healthy. It is the first skin-whitening nutrition you can take every day like vitamins. After 3 to 4 days, you will notice fundamental changes throughout your skin more radiant. 

    +Missthefill Tomato® carotenoid has been scientifically proven protecting your skin from deep inside against all external contaminants, and brightens your skin. As the skin is one big body organ, +Missthefill Tomato® will be effective to your skin 'from head to toe'. You can expect whitening efficacy in 2 to 3 months, though, many people have testified that their skins become brighter and whiter from about 3 weeks. 

    +Missthefill Tomato® inhibits melanin synthesis and regulates pigmentation throughout your body, turning your skin into brighter and whiter.
    +Miisthefill Tomato® carotenoid is a colorless, unlike red carotenoids contained in oranges or carrots, does not affect your skin tone. +Missthefill Tomato® will radically alters melanin deposits such as acne scars, freckles, armpits and black blots.

    +Missthefill Tomato® carotenoid has powerful anti-oxidant functions to protect your skin. +Missthefill Tomato®carotenid also has an excellent anti-inflammatory efficacy on your skin and wounded areas damaged by ultraviolet. 
      • Inhibition of melanin synthesis – a direct activity inside the melanocyte
      • Control of pigmentation by anti- inflammatory activity
      • Reduction of melanin production by reduction of oxidative stress
      • Reduction of skin darkening due to sun exposure by UV A/B absorption
      • They are able to reduce at least 4 causes of pigmentation.

      • L-Cysteine is naturally transformed into Glutathione in the body.
      • It shifts the formation of melanin towards the production of Pheomelanin giving the skin a lighter pinkish color.
      • Research shows that Glutathione taken orally is not absorbed through the GI tract and has  absolutely no effect. 
      • On the contrary, Glutathione level can be raised by taking supplements containing a precursor of Glutathione – like Cysteine. 

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