Nots 28 Remedy Eye Repair Concentrate


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Product Details

Volume 15g
Irritation release of eye skin
  • Moisture and abundant nutrients around eyes
    Intensive nutrients offer a burst of deep hydration and help to revive the tired eyes.
  • Alleviating irritation of skin around eyes
    It protects skin from UV rays and other external stimuli and prevents the damage of eye area skin, keeping it healthy and radiant.
  • Brightening & Anti-wrinkle effect
    Functional elements, adenosine and niacinamide, leaving skin prepared for the brightening skincare routine to follow. Also those help defend against the signs of aging and the appearance of the wrinkles.
  • Daily protective effects
    It keeps skin radiance and striking vitality by adding oil and moisture to skin and protects it from harmful external stimuli and stress.

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