Nourishing Cream

Nourishing Cream



Pampers very dry skin to velvety softness

Rich 24-hour anti-aging cream for demanding, very dry skin (50ml)

Description of DR. GRANDEL Nourishing Cream:

The rich anti-aging cream for demanding and very dry skin. Beech bud extract smoothes out lines and wrinkles while a high class lipid-complex in a rich water in oil formulation eliminates any feeling of tension immediately after applying the product. Even very dry demanding skin is perfectly nourished and given a relaxed feeling of softness and tenderness.
DR. GRANDEL Anti-Age Nourishing Cream protects the connecting tissues and strengthens the lipid barrier.


Ceramides, Oat Extract, Beech Extract

Tip: In the cold winter time Anti-Age Nourishing Cream is an excellent alternative when Anti-Age Revitalizing Cream does not supply enough rich oily components. In addition this cream fits perfectly for all those who love rich night care products.

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