Peptide Relax-Lift

Peptide Relax-Lift



Relaxing and smooting anti-aging serum

The mother-of-pearl shimmering serum with anti-aging system for an immediate decrease of small facial wrinkles (30ml)

Description of PHYRIS Peptide Relax-Lift:

The silky, shimmering anti-aging Peptide Relax-Lift serum visibly smoothens, relaxes and lastingly rejuvenates the skin. A liposomally encapsulated triple peptide improves the skin renewal by supporting the skin___s natural desquamation process. Additionally, Argireline, the precious high-tech peptide, smoothens existing wrinkles and fine lines and lastingly and effectively reduces the formation of mimic lines.

PACKAGING: Pipette bottle

Triple Peptide, Argireline

Tip: Highly recommended as a cure, particularly during extraordinary stress, or to rebuild undernourished skin.

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