Premium TS Tonic Therapy Spray ( Hair Loss Prevention Scalp Growth Treatment )


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Product Details

  • Premium TS Tonic makes your hair abundant and refreshes scalp and hair.
  • It provides vital elements for hair and helps to prevent hair loss.
  • Free of 3 Additives : Silicone, chemical flavoring, and chemical coloring.
  • Plant-derived extract helps to thicken hair.
  • It keeps the scalp clean with the ingredients of Nicotinamide and Salicylic acid.
Free of 3 Additives : Silicone / Chemical Flavoring / Chemical Coloring
- It helps to restore oil and moisture balance.
- It contains major ingredients: plant-derived extract good for preventing hair loss and thickening hair.
- It provides good effects by spraying directly on the scalp.

Suggested Use

- Fully shake the product before use, and evenly spray 2~3ml of toner on the scalp daily.


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