Renew Pearls

Renew Pearls



Rejuvenating and smoothing Cream-Serum

When the button is pressed, cell renewal and protection in the 2-phase product Renew Pearls promise unique effects. (50 ml)

Desciption of DR. GRANDEL Renew Pearls:

When you press the button, the skin-care pearls that float in the dispenser are united with an extra portion of moisture to form a delicate cream-serum liaison ___ a novel formulation that will provide for a phenomenal skin feeling.

The interaction of active ingredients gives the skin maximum youthfulness: Snow algae extract activates the skin’s “beauty gene”, protects the collagen fibers and improves elasticity. The active-ingredient complex Cell-Protection-Peptides neutralizes free radicals and stimulates the skin’s cell protection, accelerates repair mechanisms and smoothes lines and tiny wrinkles.

Snow algae extract, Anti-age peptides, Cell Protection peptides, Age Corrector complex

PACKAGING: Dispender

Tip: Renew Pearls is also excellently suited as make-up base. It will give the skin a freshness boost and leave the skin smooth and lusciously groomed.

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