Sizopirin Cellular Professional kit

Sizopirin Cellular Professional kit



It helps to improve skin relation and detox effect. It also provide protein to deep skin cells which expects rejuvenated heals.

Step1 is peeling smoothly without pain. It works on brightening, pore tightening action and cleansing clearly.__
Step2 Supplies_____to silk protein. It works like a Botox.

Silk protein will provide to keep skin__in_____firming effect.___

High active squalene and oligopeptide will__work while you are sleeping to elasticity__and leave skin as repair as can be.
It can apply at night once a week during for 5 weeks.__
The kit are including
Step1. Micro Dermo Peel system(5ml) x5ea,__
Step2. Pearl Silk system(5ml) x5ea,__
Step3. P5 ample(5ml) x5ea

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