timeless Soft Sugar Scrub

timeless Soft Sugar Scrub

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2 in 1 body peeling

All in one: Smoothing body peeling and body care (200ml)

Description of DR. GRANDEL Soft Sugar Scrub:

DR. GRANDEL Soft Sugar Scrub removes dried, hornified skin flakes, makes the skin soft and prepares it for subsequent skin care products. An effective exfoliation of the skin is achieved. The skin is refined and feels wonderfully relaxed.


Sugar Crystals, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil

Tip: For a very special gentle peeling effect, apply TIMELESS Soft Sugar Scrub to the moist skin and massage in. In this way, the sugar crystals are slightly dissolved and provide just a gentle peeling effect. This is ideal for sensitive skin areas such as the d__collet__.

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