Thermoceutical Cellular Brightening Cream

Thermoceutical Cellular Brightening Cream



Cell Brightening Cream 50ML

Maintain whitening balance for 24 hours

Whitening peptides and high-concentration oxidizing components that hinder the production of melanin, not only moisturizing but also improving skin tone, have obtained “KFDA” whitening functional certification


Inhibition pigment
Whitening functional ingredients, especially smoked body ingredients, can inhibit pigment movement,
change dull skin, brighten skin tone
2. Nutritional provision
Vitamin B5 improves skin mechanism and provides adequate nutrition for the skin
3. Strong moisturizing
The natural moisturizing factor _ is also a dry sensitive skin-like sputum for the supply of
water, and protects the skin from external harmful substances.
4. Whitening effect
Thyme plant extract starts from the cause of stimulating pigmentation, inhibits pigmentation for 24 hours, protects skin, and has excellent whitening effect.

A high-concentration whitening cream that weakens the hormonal activity of the pigment, inhibits melanin production, instantly whitens the skin, and maintains the natural luster of the skin.

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