tHermoceutical MAX Hydraplus + Cream

tHermoceutical MAX Hydraplus + Cream



A special moisturizing cream containing 5 kinds of reinforced skin protective film ingredients. The powerful moisture factor runs through the entire facial skin,
providing moisture to each layer of the skin, and forming a strong lock layer to lock the moisture of the skin, instantly solving the skin hunger problem and helping nourish. Dehydrated skin enhances the existing moisture barrier.
At the same time, it helps soothe and immediately heal signs of itching and sunburn.

• Daily moisturizing cream to prevent moisture loss
• Rich hydrating ingredients
• calming effect
Suitable for the skin
• All skin types
• acute dermatitis
• Apply a proper amount to the palm of your hand, apply evenly on the face, massage to help absorb
Product ingredients
• Glycerol ( Glycerine ) / 5%:  moisturizing
• triglyceride ( Triglyceride) / 1%:  to prevent water points loss & moisturizing
• Ceramide  ( Ceramide) / 1%:  high pay& calm
• phytosphingosine ( Phytosphingosine ) /. 1%:  relieve inflammation

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