Whitening Active Synergy

Whitening Active Synergy



Whitening serum

Applied before your regular day cream, this complete action serum helps brighten and unify the complexion.


For a smooth, even and radiant complexion.

Skin types : All skin types

Instructions for use : As part of a programme or daily.
Apply morning and/or night before your face cream all over the face and neck or locally in the area in question. Take the product in the palm of your hand, and apply with light dabs.

Contents :  30ml

Active ingredients


Bio white: brightening, unifying, clarifying plant complex

Fucus extract: moisturising and remineralising

Red vine extract: relieves congestion, veinotonic, anti-oxidant, astringent

Lime extract:  toning and astringent


*Hydration of the upper layers of the skin


Nourished skin. Brightened, even complexion.

Active complex

Thanks to marine trace elements in fucus, and the brightening and anti-redness properties of red vine and Biowhite, the complexion becomes clear and radiant once again.

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